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Newest tpe gel enhanced case with memory /latex foam pillow core

Short Description:

Newest design on the market

The top comfortable pillow type

Washable tpe pillow case outside

Soft memory foam or latex foam or other type soft core pillow in the middle, with gel tpe case outside, flexible and customizable, double pressure release, the top comfortable support in the world.

Product Detail

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Product name tpe case memory/latex foam core pillow
Model No. LINGO210
Product Color Purple or customized
Material TPE polymer
Product Size 59*42*10/12cm
Package size 62*43*13cm
Carton size / 4PCS 63*85*28cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 2.5kg
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg


Q elastic soft, curve support: dynamic stickers should be suitable for different sleeping positions

Decompression sleep black technology material selection: zero-adhesive peace of mind material "artificial skin" reputation TPE elastomer material, soft and resilient, comfortable and stable at constant temperature, anti-oxidation, no odor

1330 hollow coin design pattern : free and transparent, let the pillow feel more airy

The upper and lower double-layer design is more effective in supporting the weight of the head and neck: avoiding the heat and sweat of the head and neck and affecting the sense of sleep. The feeling of air hidden in the pillow gives you oxygen to sleep all night.

It is not easy to age and sleep into the soft elastic baby muscle: After 200,000 times of punching and pulling tests, it still does not deform, and can sleep into the baby muscle every day, with fresh "head and neck care"

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