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Superior massage latex bed pillow

Short Description:

Ergonomic pillow from 100% natural latex, its form is designed for appropriate support of the head and neck, knobby surface improves the blood circulation of the head and relieves fatigue after a hard day’s work. It supports healthy posture, relaxes and relieves stress from head and neck muscles. Material is breathable, doesn’t absorb dust, mud and is not a friendly environment to different microbes,100% hypoallergenic. Pillow is recommended for men.

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Product name Natural latex massage pillow
Model No. LINGO153
Material Natural latex
Product Size 60*40*10/12cm
Weight 1.1/pcs
Pillow case velvet, tencel, cotton, organic cotton or customize
Package size 60*40*12cm
Carton size / 6PCS 60*80*40cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 1.5g
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg


Natural latex orthopedic pillow “Knobby” with massage effect

Perfect for tall, full-figured people whose weight is 90 kg and up, height is 180 cm and up.

Suitable for everybody who prefers side sleeping.

For those who are looking for a high pillow

The pillow is of medium firmness (with soft surface)

It is designed for: tall big people. The height matters: if your weight is 90 kg or more and your height is less than 180 cm – it will be too high for you. If you only sleep on your side, Knobby is your best fit. Like any high latex pillow, this pillow model will be perfect as a sofa cushion: it is large, elastic and does not change its shape with time.

Shape: A high pillow with two multi-level contours. Contours support the spine in the right position during sleep and alleviate pressure on the muscles of the neck and shoulders due to good neck support. 

Benefits: The special peak surface provides a passive massage and an additional ventilation for the head. The peaks are very gentle. The pillow improves the blood circulation in the head and relieves fatigue after hard day at work. Alleviates pressure on the muscles of neck and shoulders and creates the best conditions for you to relax.

Package includes: Inner mesh pillow cover + branded soft pillow cover with invisible zipper

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