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Orthopedic Adult Car Cushion with head and back support

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Benefits of Type Car Seat Cushion

A couple of hours sitting in your car can be torture for your body, especially your back. The seat cushions that come pre-installed in your vehicle aren’t always the most comfortable. Having a seat cushion specifically designed and rated for ultimate comfort is a worthwhile investment that’ll keep your attention on the road and not on your backside.

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Product name TPE GEL car cushion
Model No. LINGO105
Product Color blue/grey/orange/black/coffee
Material TPE polyster
Product Size 39x19cm/52x37cm/43x43cm
Product weight 800g/800g/800g
Carton size / 20PCS 53*38*60cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 2.6kg
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 55kg


Auto Seat Cushions for Style & Support

The best car seat cushions don't just support your back - they do so with style. Type S’s selection of car seat cushions combine both aesthetics and utility, with a color scheme and weave pattern that blends in well with any vehicle interior. For maximum lumbar support, you can get Type S’s Car Seat with a Lumbar Cushion and head cushion as a set. Both sport the brand's Comfort Gel technology that allows the seat to instantly contour to your body for just the right level of firmness and support.

How Can I Make My Car Seat More Comfortable?

A good car seat cushion should also be able to ventilate air for driving during those hot summer days. Sweating under your original manufactured car seats can leave sweat stains and, eventually, a funky odor on the seat. With type car sets, you don't have that problem since the cushions are removable and washable, so you don't have to worry about regular upkeep being a hassle. Type S’s Car Seat Cushions are also all portable, so you can uninstall the cushion on one car and install it on another or bring it with you in the office or at home.

Find Your Perfect Supportive Fit

If you are looking for more than just a comfortable seat, but with head cushion and back cushion together like a sets, this may be the right fit for you. As the name implies, these cushions can give you a shiatsu massage for those sore neck and back muscles. The lumbar support is also adjustable, so you can customize it for your specific height and build. The massage cushion also comes with a powerful cooling feeling, helping you stay cool and comfortable during hot days. . This car sets products are designed to be stylish, comfortable, durable, and uneasy-deformation.

Includes a durable non-slip washable cover For hassle-free transport, stability and storage, this tailbone cushion includes a non-slip and machine washable cover with an in-seam handle for transport. This non-slip cover also provides excellent protection for the gel structures to ensure your seat cushion provides comfort for years to come. Whether you are sitting alone at home, at the office, or going on a long drive True Relief will take you one step closer to a relaxing day. Materials & Care Materials: The Honeycomb cushion is made of soft and comfortable TPE materials.Care Instructions: Seat Cushion cover can be wash by machine

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