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Directly washable gel tpe children’s pillow

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Designed for 3-12 year olds.

People aged 3-12 years old sweat a lot during sleep, the product triangle hollow structure design, breathable without covering sweat. The product can be washed, reduce the breeding of mites and bacteria, make sleep healthier.

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Product Name Children's non-pressure shaping pillow
Model No. LINGO204
Material TPE polymer
Amount/Box packing (Pcs) 5pcs
Product Size 50X30 (4-7)cm
Package size 50 x30x7cm
Carton size 56 x43x33. 5 cm
N.W/G.W per unit 2 kg
N.W/G.W per box 12kg
Color Purple/pink/customizable
Pillowcase color Girl pink/Sky blue Customizable style color


The low occipital surface is 5-4-5cm, which can meet the needs of 3-6 years old vertebrae in the development stage.

The high occipital surface is 7-6-7cm, which can meet the needs of 7-12 years old spine in the rapid development stage, and the appropriate height can prevent hunchback.

According to the different shaping needs of children's skull and cervical vertebra, the circular concave design is adopted in the corresponding position of the pillow core to protect the healthy development of children's cervical vertebra and prevent the head deviation.


100% TPE, transparent version, can be used for baby nipple, baby tableware and medical supplies, it's certified by SGS.

TPE material is safe and similar to baby's skin, with super great flexibility and nice touch feeling, this pillow made by TPE.

100% TPE pillow is Food Grade instead of Cosmetic Grade, a higher standard than traditional cosmetic TPE pillow, traditional one with heavy oil looks dirty, not enough support.

No smell, Anti-mite, Anti-oxidant, Anti-bacteria, environmental.

Pass 200,000 times pressure testing, never lose shape after compression.

Patent in China

The whole pillow with hollow design, round pattern with 2,200+ holes for great airflow and 10,000 support points protect our neck and head very well, meanwhile with enough airflow, far away from sweating.

Ergonomic design of the pillow shape, satisfy any sleeping habits: stomach sleeper, back sleeper, side sleeper.

Washable pillow core, quick-dry to keep your pillow always be clean.

Size and color customized available.


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