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Massage sleeping pillow for bedroom

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Ergonomic pillow from 100% natural latex, It’s heart-shaped form provides best shoulder and neck support, creates and maintains good posture while knobby surface provides a passive head massage while sleeping. It combines best of an ergonomic pillow in one model, which made it one of the all-time best sellers. Pillow is recommended for both adult men and women, especially popular at women and teenagers.

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Product name Natural latex foam pillow
Model No. LINGO155
Material Natural latex
Product Size 60*40*12cm
Weight 1kg/pcs
Pillow case velvet, tencel, cotton, organic cotton or customize
Package size 60*40*12cm
Carton size / 6PCS 60*80*40cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 1.3g
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg


Good for those whose height is 168 cm and up, weight 65 kg and up.

Especially favored by men, but also is good for women.

It is suitable for those who have never slept on orthopedic pillow before.

It is designed for: Durian is an ideal choice for those who do not like to sleep on contour pillows and prefer to sleep on traditional feather pillow before.

Package includes: Inner mesh pillow cover + branded soft pillow cover with invisible zipper


This pillow has elevation in the corners and deepening in the center. Sleeping on the deepening is beneficial for back sleeping and when you turn over on your side, the head lays down on a high corner of the pillow – a minimum of movements and everything is very convenient.

In addition, one edge of the pillow is lower and another one is higher. Just turn the pillow and use the most convenient side.

The dimensions are measured according to the outer edge of the pillow. There is a deepening in the center of the pillow which is softer and lower – about 5-6 cm in the pressed condition. It provides support while back sleeping.

The pillow has a curve to support the shoulders. For back sleepers, it provides the correct position of the head.


The special peak surface provides a passive massage benefits which helps to reduce puffiness in the morning. The high bumpy surface provides an additional ventilation of the head. The pillow supports the spine in the right position during sleep, eliminates clamps from incorrect posture and improves the blood circulation of the whole body. As a result, you get a fresh rested appearance and feel yourself healthy.

Alleviates pressure on the muscles of the neck and shoulders, creating the best conditions for relaxation. When the head is placed on a deepening in the center, the neck does not numb. The head can be turned left and right and does not squeeze into the pillow.

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