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Contoured wave natural latex foam pillow for bed

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What Is Natural Latex?

Originally, Natural latex was a natural foam made from the sap of the hevea-brasilienis rubber tree. These days, synthetic forms of latex are increasingly common. Synthetic latex is typically made from styrene-butadiene rubber. It can feel very similar to natural latex but does not always have the same durability.

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Product name Natural latex wave pillow
Model No. LINGO152
Material Natural latex
Product Size 60*40*10/12cm
Weight 1.1kg/pcs
Pillow case velvet, tencel, cotton, knitted cotton or customize
Package size 60*40*12cm
Carton size / 6PCS 60*80*40cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 1.5kg
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg

Why Choose Latex Pillow

Wave-Shaped Natural Latex Pillow

This 100% Latex Pillow is made of a high density latex foam with breathable holes. This pillow is perfect for reducing cervical pain and keeping a correct position while sleeping, thanks to its incomparable comfort without any unpleasant odour.

This latex foam pillow has a super bouncy feel. You can (literally) bounce it off the mattress, so you might imagine how sleeping on it provides your head a supportive lift rather than a deep sink.

This latex pillow adapts to your shape and moves with your body as you change positions. It should gently cradle your neck in any position.

Natural latex pillows have thousands of vent holes with a fine mesh structure which can expel heat and moisture from the human body and promote ventilation.

Natural honeycomb vent structure promotes air circulation to quickly dissipate heat and moisture for increased breathability and comfort.

The unique multiple density zone design of the Natural Latex Pillow provides two sleep height options, great for side and back sleepers.

The removable pillow cover is made from a luxuriously soft Tencel fabric which is silky to the touch and super comfy to lay your head on.

Environmentally conscious and eco-friendly product

This tag applies to pillows made from natural latex since their raw material is sap from the rubber tree. The manufacturing process of these latex pillows has a smaller carbon footprint, and these pillows have more longevity than other types of pillows.

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