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Bolster couples long latex foam bedding pillow

Short Description:

【100% Natural Latex Pillow】Our latex pillow emits natural frankincense.You don’t have to worry about any chemical smell,They are completely allergen and chemical free. We use 100% pure natural latex- safe and eco-friendly.The luxury latex core use the immediate rebound function, comfort and durable, It provides a deeper and more restful sleep for your child.

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Product name Natural latex foam pillow
Model No. LINGO155
Material Natural latex
Product Size 60*40*12cm
Weight 1kg/pcs
Pillow case velvet, tencel, cotton, organic cotton or customize
Package size 60*40*12cm
Carton size / 6PCS 60*80*40cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 1.3g
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg


【Breathable & Heat Dissipation】Honeycomb-like exhaust vent structure is a natural air conditioner structure. It contains more air than other fibers. It can effectively and quickly dissipate heat and moisture generated by human body.Avoiding the static electricity generated between the human body and the fibers.They can bring extreme softness and comfort to you.In addition, latex particles massage the body's acupuncture points to ensure smooth breathing and ensure oxygen supply to the brain.

【Comfortable soft & fast rebound】Latex has an over-expected rebound ability that rebounds quickly after being pressed. When flipping the body, the latex responds quickly to changes in the body's sleeping position and immediately bounces back. People’s as soft and comfortable as sleeping in the clouds.

【Satisfaction Guaranteed】If there is any quality problem with our latex pillow, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will try our best to help you and meet your requests.

【Washable Organic Cotton Outer Cover】The outer cover is breathable for air circulation, giving you a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment. The dust-proof inner cover extends the life of the latex core more effectively. Wash the pillowcase before first use.you get a long-lasting sleeping comfort thanks to the two layer covers.

Care Instruction

No need to wash the latex pillow core, It is recommended to wipe it with a wet towel and put it in a ventilated place.

Keep the pillow away from direct sunlight which will cause its surface powdery.

Natural latex has a sweet rubbery scent, the odor is harmless, please kindly be advised.

Please leave the pillow on a flat and ventilated area for 2 - 3 days before first use.

Latex products will oxidize with air after a period of use, and the color gradually turns yellow, which is normal and does not require special concern.

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