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Wholesale Technology 3D TPE Coin Cervical Neck Massage Pillow for Bed

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NEW Zero Pressure TPE GEL High Elasticity Correction Neck Pain Patented Sleeping Pillow

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Product name Coin pattern pillow for bed
Model No. LINGO201
Product Color Purple or customized
Material TPE polymer
Product Size 52*35*8/10cm
Package size 55*36*13cm
Carton size / 4PCS 58*72*28cm
N.W/G.W per unit(kg) 2.8kg
N.W/G.W per box(kg) 15kg

1. Can 0.16 seconds self-induction rebound, care cervical vertebra release pressure, reduce head blood circulation obstruction, improve sleep quality.

2. Washable, clean sleep, durable and not easy to deformation.

3. Ergonomic four seasons, imported (environmental baby pacifier) material SGS certification, such as human body fat girl skin as delicate.

4. The whole 2.8KG or so, the above weight can effectively prevent pillow displacement.

5. Suit for all adult.


No pressure pillow is suitable for all people: especially suitable for the following people
People with head pressure: people who use a lot of brain, head pain, etc. whose head is sensitive to pressure.
People with neck discomfort: People who have neck discomfort due to office, mobile phone, computer and other reasons.

Those who are afraid of heat and sweat easily: people who sweat easily and are afraid of heat.
Those with high sleep requirements: Those who have high sleep requirements and cannot be satisfied by trying a variety of pillows.

The pillow is very soft. For the release of head pressure, a soft pillow is more comfortable; at the same time, it can provide a soft and sufficient support for the neck pillow where the plane touches the pillow.


The pillows can be washed in water or in the washing machine. They are as new after washing. They are very durable and can be used for several years. Very cost-effective!
The zero-pressure sleeping pillow is super easy to use, and it has been sold like crazy in China. It is much better than traditional latex pillows and foam pillows. It is suitable for different people, especially friends suffering from cervical spondylosis. You really deserve it. Buying 2PCS now is super cost-effective, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will answer your questions and requirements as soon as possible!

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